雇用者とメイド機関間のすべての標準サービス契約は似ています, しかし、彼らは同じではありません. オッズは、最初にあなたに対して積層されるかどうかの契約を注意深く読む(ではない。存在しないためにもfineprint)が教えてくれます. ほとんどの時間, 雇用者は契約を読んで、盲目的にそれに署名することを怠っ. 紛争が生じた場合には, あなただけ決済の間立つ唯一のものは、契約です.


Once the FDW is deployed to you, she is under your Care, Control and Custody under MOM rules and regulations. That is an onerous responsibility. But do not worry. The rules and regulations are fair and reasonable. They simply spell out how we should treat our fellow human beings, such as giving the FDW adequate rest, sufficient space and privacy, proper meals, a safe working environment, humane and respectful treatment from members of the household. You play an important role in developing a meaningful employer-FDW relationship. You set the rules, you draw the boundaries and you ensure that your FDW does not deviate or change those rules and boundaries. At the beginning on-the-job training may result in some damages, broken plates, carpet spills. These are part and parcel of your FDW adjusting to your home environment. Don’t despair, don’t give up. On average it takes 3 to 6 months for your FDW to get used to her new environment and responsibilities. With patience on your part and the right attitude on the FDW's part, this learning period can be considerably shortened.

代行手数料 - 値を見て, ない価格

私たちは、価格ではなくサービスで競合しません. 雇用者とメイドの両方が、当社の顧客であります. すべてがうまくあるときに雇用者にメイド機関の値ではありません, しかし、何かが恐ろしく間違って行くとき. 我々は両方の当事者が問題の公正な解決を受けることを保証するために、メイドと雇用者の双方によって立ちます. 当社は、契約の手紙だけでなく、契約の精神を見ていません. MYHELPERは、雇用主とメイドの両方に対する道義的責任があります. その契約, 結局, 紙の上の単なる言葉以上のものです.


We are a for-profit social enterprise. We believe we must be profitable to be able to do good over the long term. しかしながら, we do not pursue profit at the expense of our customers - employers and FDWs. We plough back a substantial percentage of our profit in the welfare of our FDWs for the period under contract. We provide FDWs with free outings for rest and recreation, free classes for self-improvement and free financial counselling. We are provide financial rewards at their First Anniversary and upon completion of their contracts.

We also plough back some profits to support like-minded organisations that champion the rights and welfare of FDWs.

Every maid has a story

状況によって駆動, FDWs have given up the comfort and safety of their homes to work in Singapore in search of a better life for themselves and their families. We believe that we can help them fulfil this aspiration.

  • Every FDW is a child precious in the sight of God.
  • Every FDW has a dream
  • Every FDW is a mother, a daughter, a sister or a wife.
  • Every FDW has a story – a husband who cannot work, a mother who is ill, a child who wants to go to school but the family cannot afford it.
  • Every FDW needs to feel loved and valued
  • Every FDW has a need – days and nights of loneliness due to separation from loved ones.