A maid is not a nurse

A maid is not a nurse. A maid may have some experience in taking care of the elderly, aged sick or disabled, but she is not a nurse. She lacks the proper training and skills to adequately care for them. But many employers choose the easy option - hiring a maid to do all the housework chores and doubling her up to take care of their aged parents or disabled. This arrangement is never satisfactory. The maid soon gets burnt out; and the person needing care doesn't get the full attention he or she deserves.

Meet Thet Thet Mar - the Caregiver

This is Thet Thet Mar. She has been working successfully as a maid in Singapore for 5 years now. For the past 6 months she has been attending classes at H.O.M.E. to be trained as a Caregiver. She has graduated and is now ready for a job taking care of the elderly.

Thet Thet Mar is a new breed of maids:
- high motivated
- determined
- hard-working
- constant skills upgrading
- ready to carve out a future for herself

There are many more like her. MyHelper is partnering H.O.M.E., N2 Hub Training Academy and other caregiving training centres to offer employers who need a maid to take care of their elderly. When you need more than a maid, you need a Caregiver. (Click here to see what a caregiver can do for your loved ones).

Caregivers available for hire