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Terms for OFWs

  • (i) If OFWs go back to the Philippines
  • a. MyHelper will not charge any placement fee to the OFWs in accordance with POEA regulation
  • b. The OFWs will be responsible for all costs associated with processing their application in the Philippines (POEA, OWWA, OEC etc). Employer will not provide any cash advance. (Estimated cost: 25,000 pesos)
  • (ii) For transfers
  • a. OFWs must have a transfer letter from employer.
  • b. Agency will charge an upfront placement fee of $300. (Payable upon signing of employment contract with employer)
  • c. * OFWs will receive a sum of $300 (or equivalent of placement fee paid in (ii)(a) above) if she completes 6 months of work with a new employer.
  • d. Agency may waive this transfer placement fee at its sole discretion (e.g. in cases of abuses)
  • (iii) Others
  • a. POEA regulation takes precedence over Singapore MOM regulations.
  • b. If the OFWs fail to complete their 2-year contract, they are liable for their own air ticket back to the Philippines in accordance with POEA regulation
  • c. ** MyHelper will charge a non-refundable service fee of S$50 for the preparation of resume, photography and video recording.
  • d. Agency will give the OFWs a sum of S$50 as initial pocket money when she is deployed to a new employer under the agency.
  • *This will run back-to-back with Agency’s 6-month service warranty to employers and will discourage employer-shopping by OFWs
  • **This is to prevent frivolous job applications and discourage agency-shopping by OFWs