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Caring for elderly?
- Care for newborn?
- Housework a chore?

We have the PERFECT SOLUTION for you. Getting the right Myanmar maid is not a matter of chance. We will match you with the right Myanmar maid based on your requirements. We are a licensed maid agency specialising in Myanmar maids with top marks in Ministry of Manpower's Customer Service Ratings. We are the only trusted maid agency with a 100% money back guarantee. We are the winner of the inaugural "Brands for Good" award.

High Customer Service Ratings by Ministry of Manpower

Star rating of 3.9 ***** based on 106 reviews by employers (as of 11 Jan 2018)

MyHelper is winner of inaugural "Brands for Good" award

MyHelper Pte Ltd is proud to be a recipient for the “Brands for Good” award 2018 (Fair Employment Practices category).  “Brands for Good” is a recognition programme to honour forward-looking regional brands that incorporated and actualised purpose-driven values that benefit different groups of stakehoders.  “Brands for Good” is organized by CEO Asia in partnership with MayBank, trading platform BBX and B Lab, which provides companies with a self-assessment toolkit on social responsibility commitment as part of the nomination submission to be recognised as a “Brand for Good”.

Why Employers Trust MyHelper


We comply fully with all of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules and regulations. We believe in full transparency.


We protect the interest of both employers and maids. Where rules and contracts are unclear, we choose to interpret them in favour of employers and maids.


We treat maids firmly yet with respect. We make every effort to ensure that they receive fair treatment from their employers and enjoy a safe working environment.

Trusted by Employers | Recognised by Source Country Governments

Member of Association of

Employment Agencies (Singapore)

Accredited with Philippine Embassy

in Singapore

Accredited with Indonesian Embassy 

in Singapore

What Our Customers Say

MyHelper has been way above the mark of professionalism. I had the privilege of Mr James attending to my case. When I shared with him about the special medical condition of my daughter, he followed through and ensured that the maid was briefed about it. We were able to settle down quickly with the helper with minimal glitches. It’s been 1.5 years and my daughter loves the maids and they have acknowledged themselves as Best Friends Forever.

Wendy Seoh - Employer of Naw Say Lay Mue

As first time employers, we were initially apprehensive about hiring a  maid to help us look after our son. However, we are thankful that MyHelper’s staff have been with us each and every step of the way, even going beyond what is expected of an agent.

Jamie Shen - Employer of Naw Ra Khay La

Hiring a maid a gamble?

If you think hiring a maid is gamble, don't worry. The risk is on us. We provide a 100% money back guarantee. That's a personal guarantee by our founder, James Quek.  We dare say no other agency provides you with such outrageous guarantees.

Meet the founder of MyHelper

James Quek was previously the Executive Director of World Vision Singapore, an international Christian humanitarian organisation.  In his travels to the development projects, he saw that women were the standard bearers in taking care of the family. When things became untenable, many had to make sacrifices by becoming maids overseas. In many instances they risk being the victims of exploitation and human trafficking rings. James Quek hopes to make life a little easier for these hardy women who have left the safety and comfort of their homes in search of work opportunities in Singapore.

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