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What maids have to pay to work in Singapore

A) FDWs pay for the following costs:

1. All in-country documentation including making of passport, notarised school certificates, birth certificates, identity cards etc

2. Air ticket to Singapore

3. Associated fees payable to source country embassies and government bodies

4. One-month in-country training to prepare them adequately for working in Singapore.

5. Food and lodging prior to finding an employer. This may take between 1 and 4 months.

6. Pre-arrival medical checkup.

7. In-country transportation

B) Some FDWS need to get the permission of their village chiefs before they are allowed to travel to Singapore to work, and for which they need to pay a fee.

C) Some suppliers rely on recruiters to go to villages to look for suitable FDWs. This adds to their operating costs and is passed on to the FDWs.

D) FDWs may also take a loan from suppliers to provide for the family prior to their getting an employer (which may take a few months).

The above costs are broadly termed as “loan” or “Placement Fee” and may amount to between 6 and 8.5 months of the FDW’s salary.