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Integrity. Fairness. Compassion.

Core values that protect employers and give dignity to maids in Singapore


We comply fully with all of Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) rules and regulations on maids. We believe in full transparency.


We protect the interest of both employers and maids in Singapore. Where rules and contracts are unclear or ambiguous, we choose to interpret them in favour of employers and maids in Singapore.


We treat all maids  - Myanmar maids, Filipina maids, Indonesian maids, Cambodian maids - firmly yet with respect. We make every effort to ensure that all maids receive fair treatment and enjoy a safe working environment.

MyHelper receives inaugural "Brands for Good" award

MyHelper Pte Ltd is proud to be a recipient for the “Brands for Good” award 2018 (Fair Employment Practices category).

“Brands for Good” is a recognition programme to honour forward-looking regional brands that incorporated and actualised purpose-driven values that benefit different groups of stakehoders. 

“Brands for Good” is organized by CEO Asia in partnership with MayBank, trading platform BBX and B Lab, which provides companies with a self-assessment toolkit on social responsibility commitment as part of the nomination submission to be recognised as a “Brand for Good”.



I came to MyHelper in need of a domestic help urgently. They gave me several options and advice to best handle my situation. I am impressed by their professionalism in dealing with my requirements. The desired helper came in time to ease my situation.

Rachel Shing - Employer of Naw Connie

Wendy Seoh

MyHelper has been way above the mark of professionalism. I had the privilege of Mr James attending to my case. When I shared with him about the special medical condition of my daughter, he followed through and ensured that the helper was briefed about it. We were able to settle down quickly with the helper with minimal glitches. It’s been 9 months and my daughter loves the helper and they have acknowledged themselves as Best Friends Forever.

Wendy Seoh - Employer of Naw Say Lay Mue

Angeline Ng

We needed a maid urgently to look after my aged mother. Thanks to MyHelper, the hiring process was a breeze. As a first-time employer, the agency also assisted in providing all the useful information. Naw Dorathy has worked for us for two years and we have just renewed her contract. She is very much considered as part of the family.

Angeline Ng - Employer of Naw Dorathy

Jamie Shen

As first time employers, we were initially apprehensive about hiring an FDW to help us look after our son. However, we are thankful that MyHelper’s staff have been with us each and every step of the way, even going beyond what is expected of an agent.

Jamie Shen - Employer of Naw Ra Khay La

Chris Loh

We were looking for a helper to look after our elderly mom. MyHelper understood our needs and provided us a list of matching helpers whom we can select from. The paperwork was a fast and no frill process & most importantly no ‘hidden cost’. MyHelper’s service didn’t end there. Whenever, there are any queries, Mr James will provide us the solution promptly. So far Kyu has been with us for more than 6 months and we are happy with her service. MyHelper – strongly recommended if you need a helper.

Chris Loh - Employer of Kyu Kyu San

English classes

We are deeply grateful that MyHelper organised English courses for our domestic helper. The follow-up calls also helped her to understand that she is cared for and not left alone to cope with the stress of settling in. The outings to various places of interest help immensely to meet the social needs and thus promoting wellness. Thank you MyHelper!

Brandon Tan - Employer of Thin Gyan Moe

Community of friends

We appreciate that MyHelper seeks to create a community where our helper can feel appreciated and cared for from the moment she arrived in Singapore.

Jamie Shen - Employer of Naw Ra Khay La

Mr R RAVICHANDRAN - Employer of Jang Ma Kaw Mai

MyHelper has been a great help and has truly affirmed their Core values of Integrity, Fairness and Compassion. Having on their own accord organised outings, counseling and listening ear for their maids. Truly an agency with a mission.


10 reasons why employers trust us

We are Myanmar specialists

But we know our Indonesian maids, Filipina maids and Cambodian maids equally well.

Structured one-month training

Including mental preparation to help domestic helpers work in fast-paced Singapore. Learn more.

Mentoring scheme

6-month mentoring by our counsellor to ensure the Myanmar maids, Indonesian maids, Filipina maids and Cambodian maids are well adjusted in your home.

Full transparency

Full documentation in compliance with MOM rules and regulations on hiring new maids or transfer maids. Full disclosure of work history.

No hidden costs

No nasty surprises when you
hire a maid from us. 

True and accurate biodata

No falsification of maids' age and education.

Proper job-matching

Detailed interviews with employers and maids for best possible match.

Full protection from problem maids

There are good employers and there are bad maids. We stand with you.

Transfer maids

We do not tolerate any maids - new maids or transfer maids - with attitude problems. They will be sent home. We do not recycle transfer maids.

Full after-sales service

We will be there when you need us most. We are the best maid agency in Singapore when it comes to service. 

Here's how you can
hire your ideal maid

Call. Search. Request.

It takes only 15 minutes for us to find out your requirements and make relevant recommendations to you. Search our gallery or tell us your requirements. Our friendly staff will send you suitable maids to consider. We know our girls well.

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