Time for sun and fun

Happy maids have good mental health and that means they work better with their employers. MyHelper organises quarterly outings so that maids enjoy themselves, refresh their soul and spirit, and simply have fun. Free of charge for all maids – Myanmar maids. Indonesian maids. Filipino maids..

Training awards

MyHelper seeks to equip the maids – Myanmar maids. Indonesian maids. Filipino maids – with relevant skills that they can use when they finish their two-year contracts in Singapore. Maids who diligently attend classes to upgrade themselves get a 50% refund of their course fee. They may sign up for any skills training – nursing course, baking classes, sewing classes etc – offered by many third party providers of their choice. This incentive has encouraged many Myanmar, Indonesian and Filipino maids to sign up for courses to upgrade themselves.

Long service awards

In Singapore, only about 50% of all maids – Myanmar maids. Indonesian maids. Filipino maids – worked more than 12 months with their employers. The dynamics of employer-maid relationship is very complicated and for various reasons, one in two maids does not survive the first year. We are therefore proud of our girls who have successfully completed ONE FULL YEAR of employment with ONE EMPLOYER. Each girl gets a cash award of S$100 from MYHELPER in recognition of this success. Those who completed their full TWO YEAR contracts get a cash award of $200. Well earned indeed.

Happy Birthday

When the maids are away from home, they need another place that they can call home. What better way to be part of this family than to celebrate birthdays with a community of fellow maids. Though they are far away from home, they know they are not forgotten. Each maid – Myanmar maids. Indonesian maids. Filipino maids – gets a simple birthday present to remind them they are loved and valued.

Maid abuse? Not for me

Maid abuse cases get wide media coverage. But the truth is, most Myanmar girls working in Singapore as maids are happy after an initial period of adjustment. Let’s hear from the girls themselves.